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As we are creatie bunch, we always have ideas that needs testing. To spend time tryong out new ideas in the most productive way, we have set some simple limitations for making game prototypes/ Each game prototype is a 100 working hours project. When the 100 hours are spent, the prototype is done. As we do not sit full time on this, the 100 hours are usually spread over couple of weeks, giving the project lots of brain time in between the hiurs we are sitting with the tools in hand.

Before we even go there, We like to have the idea flashed out to be creation what is in and cut of scope. So, wemake use of what we call a PowerDoc. Thenrules are that the idea must fit with in one page (doodles excluted). The PowerDoc must contain a short de- scription of the Concept, a target audience or platform, a simle description of the core machanics, and a more specific description of some win/lose conditions

About us

Reality Lag is 3 guys who first met in game development in the DADIU program and built an independent game company from love of games development. We intend to create games that absorb you.

Genius Malignus

Visual Concept Design, 2D & 3d Art & Interface Design.


Game Design, Code< and Sound.


Level design, 3d modeling, Texture creation, Animation & Coding


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